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Baia di Manaccora

Baia di Manaccora is located on the Gargano promontory in Puglia. The beautiful beach inside the bay is mostly covered by organized lidos. There are, however, some free spaces.
Along the Manaccora bay, and within walking distance, there is the Grottone of Manaccora, one of the most important archaeological sites of the Bronze age.

Baia di Manaccora can be reached both from Contrada Zaiana and Contrada Calalunga roads that can be taken from the SP52 road from Peschici to Vieste.


  • Customer reviews: 2.9 2.9 star (13 reviews)
  • Type of coast: 80% sand - 20% reefs
  • Services: yes
  • Facilities for the disabled: can access but no particular service
  • City hall: Peschici
  • Coordinates Lat-Long: 41.946082, 16.047578 (41°56'45''N 16°2'51.2''E)
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