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Baia Rossa

Baia Rossa is located on the south of the Gargano promontory near the town of Mattinata in Puglia. The small beach located in this bay, which takes its name from the red colour of the cliff, is of the gravel kind and accessible only from the sea. This is a little piece of paradise nestled between two rocky spears that stretch into the crystal blue sea.


  • Customer reviews: 3.3 3.3 star (43 reviews)
  • Type of coast: 10% sand - 90% reefs
  • Services: no
  • Facilities for the disabled: access difficult
  • City hall: Mattinata
  • Coordinates Lat-Long: 41.724497, 16.099200 (41°43'28.1''N 16°5'57.1''E)
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Tourist office of Mattinata

Tourist Office
+39 0884 552430
Via Matino, 5


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