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The south-east coast of Puglia from Marina di Tricase to Santa Maria di Leuca

Tricase to S.M. di Leuca

Along the southern part of the east side coast of Puglia runs a long stretch of high rocky cliffs that offer outstanding views over the Adriatic sea. It flattens only down to the southernmost tip around the town of Santa Maria di Leuca.

This spart of the east coast is punctuated by some of the most beautiful natural caves and enchanting high bays of the region, most of them are only accessible from the sea.


Marina di Tricase

Along the Marina of Tricase is located the Tricase Porto, which is bordered on the south by the district of Marina Serra and, to the north, by a promontory on which stands the Torre del Sasso.

Marina Serra is characterized by a high rocky coast, with cliffs overlooking the sea. The coastline is dotted with very suggestive small bays, often only accessible by sea.

The Torre del Sasso, located on a hill of 116 meters above sea level, was built, like all the other towers of Salento, to protect the coast from the attacks of the Turks and Saracens.

  • Type of coast: mostly reefs
  • Services: yes
  • Facilities for the disabled: no easy access
  • City hall: Tricase
  • Coordinates Lat-Long: 39.930022 - 18.394680 (39°55'48''N 18°23'40''E)


The coast of Novaglie is characterized by low cliffs and Novaglie itself is a seaside resort with a small fishing port.

  • Type of coast: reefs
  • Services: no
  • Facilities for the disabled: access difficult
  • Coordinates Lat-Long: 39.862382 - 18.391971 (39°51'44''N 18°23'31''E)

From Novaglie to S.M. di Leuca

This stretch of coast is rich in natural caves of great interest, such as:

Grotta Azzurra. Named 'Azzurra' for the characteristic colour of the water. The cave has two entrances and it is divided into two parts by a natural barrier of rocks.

Grotta del Diavolo. The name probably comes from the fact of being very dark and with a chamber that ends in a tiny sink hole.

Grotta di Porto Vecchio. This is a small cave with a grassy plain above the main room.

Grotte delle Cipolliane. It is a complex of two caves positioned, one, on the level of the sea, called Grotta del Presepe, and the other, Grotta dell'Elefante, just above it.

Before reaching the town of S.M. di Leuca there are few more interesting caves:

Grotta di Terradico. Also called 'Cave of the Indians' for its triangular shape, similar to a tent.

Grotta di Ortocupo. This cave can only be accessed by swimming underwater. The inner portion is called 'Grotta del soffio', for the presence of splashing water.

Grotta delle Vore. These are actually two caves of different size. The name comes from the presense of a hole on the top of the cave.

Grotta delle Giole. This cave, also called Bocca di Pozzo or the Grotta Grande del Ciolo, it stretches for about 120 meters, with several rooms inside.

Santa Maria di Leuca

Santa Maria di Leuca, located at the extreme southern tip of Puglia, is a seaside resort located between Punta Méliso and Punta Ristola. It is a charming town with a small harbour and some interesting things to see. Among those a tower of the sixteenth century, known as Torre dell'Omomorto, so called for the human bones that were found inside, and the Sanctuary of Santa Maria di Leuca, also called De Finibus Terrae (the end of the world).

  • Type of coast: reefs
  • Services: yes
  • Facilities for the disabled: can access but no particular service
  • Coordinates Lat-Long: 39.796353 - 18.356695 (39°47'46''N 18°21'24''E)


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