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Marina di Andrano

Marina di Andrano is located along the coast of Andrano, on the Adriatic coast of Salento in Puglia. The Marina of Andrano extends for a length of about 3 km, with stretches of cliffs that alternate with small beaches. The main beaches in this part of the coast are: La Botte, a long portion of coast characterized by fine sand and clear waters. Marina della Torre, divided in two parts: Il Fiume, so named for the presence of a source of fresh water, and the Grotta Verde, a marine cave that, reflecting sunlight in its waters, changes colour to emerald, from which the name. Acqua Viva, a coastal inlet with freshwater springs. Marina di Andrano can be reached from the SP358 that runs along the Adriatic coast of Salento. Or directly form Andrano town by taking the SP168.

  • Type of beach: 20% sand - 80% reefs
  • Services : yes
  • Access for the disabled: can access but no particular service
  • Coordinates Lat-Long: 39.971096, 18.406728 (39°58'15''N 18°24'24''E)



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