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Beaches of Cagnano Varano


Lago di Varano

Varano lake, located just after Lesina lake on the north of the Gargano peninsula, is a salt lake separated from the sea by a long strip of land which is in fact an island. This strip of coast is covered with coastal dunes, Mediterranean vegetation and a long beach, sometimes narrow sometimes a little deeper. There are some organized lidos here and there up to the Foce del Varano, located to the east. Varano lake can be easily reached from the SS693 that runs on the north side of the Gargano promontory.

  • Type of beach: sand
  • Services : yes
  • Access for the disabled: can access but no particular service
  • Coordinates Lat-Long: 41.904828, 15.691315 (41°54'17''N 15°41'28.7''E)



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