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Campomarino is located along the west coast of Salento in Puglia, near Manduria. It is a long stretch of coast famous for a series of coastal dunes part of the nature reserve of 'Parco delle Dune di Campomarino'. Along this coastline there is a beautiful sandy beach, with coastal dunes covered with Mediterranean vegetation. Of particular interest is a pinewood area called 'Pineta d'Ayala', an environment of rare beauty along this stretch of coast. Campomarino can be reached using the SP122 that runs along the coast of Salento or directly from the town of Maruggio, using the SP136.

  • Type of beach: 80% sand - 20% reefs
  • Services : yes
  • Access for the disabled: can access but no particular service
  • Coordinates Lat-Long: 40.298169, 17.564757 (40°17'53''N 17°33'53''E)



Torre dell'Ovo

Torre dell'Ovo is located along the Ionian coast of Salento in Puglia, near the town of Maruggio. It's a typical seaside village located on a cliff 15 meters high above the sea and takes its name from the coastal tower built in 1473. In the sea below the tower there are some ancient megalithic blocks engraved with Greek writings and, in the same area of water, some monoliths called Prateria Pietrificata (Petrified Prairie). They are the result of erosion which created a lawn of rods that give the impression of a prairie, from which they are named. Torre dell'ovo can be reached from the SP122 that runs along the Ionian coast of this part of Salento.

  • Type of beach: 10% sand - 90% reefs
  • Services : yes
  • Access for the disabled: easy access
  • Coordinates Lat-Long: 40.302604, 17.504117 (40°18'9''N 17°30'14''E)



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