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Alberobello view, Puglia


Passion living commemoration of the Cross of Jesus Christ

During Easter week a commemoration of the passion of Jesus Christ.

When: Easter week
Where: Alberobello centre


Reenactment of the expulsion of the Count of Conversano

Reenactment with the theme of liberation of Alberobello from the feudal domination of the Count of Conversano. Historical scenes reviving the event presented by groups of people in costume.

When: Usually from 20 to 27 of July
Where: Alberobello centre


International Folk Festival

Event held with the aim to promote and exchange knowledge of the folk traditions of different countries.

When: Second weekend of August
Where: Between the trulli of Alberobello

Festival del Sovrano

The Festival del Sovrano is held near the Trullo Sovrano. Ten days of concerts with of all kinds of music.

When: Usually from 10 to 20 August
Where: Trullo Sovrano near Alberobello

Beer within the trulli

During this event you can taste different types of local, national and foreign beers, served with various local products such as panini with sausages, baked meat, wood oven cooked pizza, pasta and many other delicacies. Also live concerts with the local music 'pizzica'.

When: Usually at the end of August
Where: Alberobello historic centre
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Fasano, Puglia


Fasano jazz

Fasano Jazz is a musical that wants to promote new talented young musicians.

When: Usually end of May and beginning of June
Where: Fasano centre


La Scamiciata

Historical reenactment of the victory of the local population over the Turks in 1678. Events include a pilgrimage that starts in Fasano and proceeds towards the Sanctuary of the Vergine del Pozzo; the delivery of the keys and the 'Scamiciata' itself, which is a travelling show that involves the dramatization of the battle between Fasano and the Turks with the sound of trumpets, the roll of drums and the waving of flags.

Where: Piazza Ciaia, Fasano, Puglia


Salento Finibus Terrae Festival

Salento Finibus Terrae Festival is a festival of short films made by emerging directors. It is held together with the town of Ostuni and Fasano.
For details go to www.salentofinibusterrae.it

When: Second and third week of July
Where: San Vito dei Normanni - Ostuni and Fasano

Cronoscalata 'Fasano-Selva'

The Fasano-Selva is an automobile race that cover a distance of about 5.6 km. It takes place since 1946. The starting place is located outside the town (at 110 meters from the sea level) and the arrival in Selva di Fasano at the altitude of about 500 from the sea level.

When: Usually around the third week of July
Where: Selva di Fasano


La Notte Bianca

Festivals, food tastings, slow food and organic food, street artists and music until late at night.

When: Usually mid December
Where: Fasano centre

All year event


Various concerts form jazz to classical music are held all year in different places of the town.
From more info website: www.fasanomusica.it

Other intersting things you can do in Fasano

Visit the Safari Zoo

Houses a collection of exotic animals running free where the landscape made of olive trees and Mediterranean vegetation offers the chance to indulge yourself in the fantasy of going on an African safari.

Visit the ancient Roman city of Egnazia

Egnazia was a important Roman municipality, traversed by the Trajan Way. It survived the fall of the Roman Empire to became a bishopric in the early Christian era. It went into decline around the X century for reasons yet unknown. Excavations have brought to light the remains of this city. Recently and Antiquarium has been built nearby to house a collections of objects unearthed during the excavation.


Putignano, Puglia


Carnival of Putignano

One of the best carnival parades in Italy. There are four parades with allegorical floats and masked merrymakers.
For info go to: www.carnevalediputignano.it

When: Usually the end of February and beginning of March
Where: Putignano centre


Noci, Puglia


Feast of S. Maria della Croce

This popular cult to Our Lady of the Cross started after the discovery of a fresco in a cave near the church.

When: 2, 3 and 4 May
Where: Noci historic centre


Festa patronale di S. Rocco

Three days of celebration, illuminations, fireworks and bands for the most revered saint in the town, S. Rocco.

When: First Sunday of September
Where: Noci historic centre


Bacco nelle gnostre

This event is dedicated to the new wine of Puglia. The best wineries in Puglia offer a taste of the new wine together with roast chestnuts and street food. Also tarantula dances combined with performances by jugglers and street artists.

When: Usually in november
Where: Noci historic centre

For more info go to www.bacconellegnostre.it


Sagra delle pettole e della cioccolata

Festival of the typical Apulian pastries, called 'pettole', and of the chocolate organized by the Parco Letterario "Formiche di Puglia - T. Fiore".

When: Usually mid December
Where: Noci historic centre


Other interesting things you can do in Noci

Visit the masseria Barsento

It was previously an abbey founded by S. Equizio in 591 and contains one of the oldest churches in Puglia. It was in fact built in the VI century on a simple square plan with three apses and naves, a sloping and slate-tiled roof.

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