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Events in Brindisi, San Vito dei Normanni, Mesagne and nearby


Brindisi, Puglia


FAI Spring Days in Puglia

Historic event organised by the Italian Environment Fund (FAI). Special opening of churches, houses, villages, palaces, archaeological sites, castles, gardens, TV studios, even barracks, music archives and military schools.
From more info about FAI events go to www.giornatefai.it

When: Usually held in March
Where: Brindisi centre


Negroamaro Wine Festival

Exhibition held in the heart of the city where the Negroamaro wine can be tasted and enjoyed against the backdrop of the city's monuments and historical buildings. Many opportunities and occasions to drink and eat Apulian food.

When: Usally between the first and second week of June
Where: Brindisi historic centre


Feast of S. Teodoro

A typical town feast to commemorate the patron saint of the town, Teodoro, with a procession and, usually, final fireworks on the last day.

Where: Piazza Duomo, Brindisi, Puglia

Festival regionale del Talento

A festival starring only the new talents, musicians and hobbyists, of Puglia.

When: Usually third week of September
Where: Brindisi centre


Cultural sites special opening

On the occasion of Christmas and New Year, the Municipal Administration of Brindisi guarantees special openings of the major cultural sites. An opportunity, for citizens and tourists, to discover places full of charm during the festive period.

When: Christimas period
Where: Brindisi historic centre
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San Vito dei Normanni

San Vito dei Normanni, Puglia


La Desolata

Meditation on the passion and death of Christ and, at the end of the procession, the rite of burial.

When: Friday before Easter
Where: San Vito historic centre


Salento Finibus Terrae Festival

Salento Finibus Terrae Festival is a festival of short films made by emerging directors. It is held together with the town of Ostuni and Fasano.
For details and info go to www.salentofinibusterrae.it

When: Second and third week of July
Where: San Vito dei Normanni - Ostuni and Fasano


Sagra di Ferragosto

Music festival with several concerts featuring pizzica dancers and musicians.

Where: Piazza Leonardo Leo, San Vito dei Normanni, Puglia

Baroque Festival

The Baroque Festival is a musical event held in San Vito dei Normanni and other towns nearby such as Brindisi, Carovigno and Mesagne. It is dedicated to the San Vito born musician Leonardo Leo and attracts musicians and music lovers of Baroque music.
For details go to www.baroccofestival.it

When: Usually end of August and beginning of September
Where: San Vito, Carovigno, Mesagne and Brindisi


Festival of the Pig

A festival during which pigs are killed cooked and eaten to celebrate the end of the summer months and the return to the usual city life.

When: Usually the third Sunday of October
Where: Historic centre

Other intersting things you can do in San Vito dei Normanni

Visit the Paretone dei Greci

Around San Vito dei Normanni there are many interesting archaeological remains, among these the Paratone dei Greci (Wall of the Greeks) which lies near a masseria close to a medieval hamlet known as Fields of the Lombards. The Paretone is a megalithic wall, about 2 km long, that probably marked the limits to the territory of Byzantinium in the area of Otranto.


Mesagne, Puglia


Sagra di San Giuseppe 'La Tria'

Typical food festival where you can taste different varieties of the local dish 'chickpeas with tria' (Tria is a kind of fried long pasta).

Where: Piazza IV Novembre, Mesagne, Puglia

Other interesting things you can do in Mesagne

Visit the Civic Museum

The Civic Museum, located in the Town Hall, contains finds from a nearby necropolis, Latin epigraphs and objects of medieval origin.


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