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Foggia, Puglia


FAI Spring Days in Puglia

Historic event organised by the Italian Environment Fund (FAI). Special opening of churches, houses, villages, palaces, archaeological sites, castles, gardens, TV studios, even barracks, music archives and military schools.
From more info about FAI events go to www.giornatefai.it

When: Usually mid March
Where: Foggia centre
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Lucera, Puglia


Sagra della rucola

Freshly prepared food with a full menu including starter, main course and dessert plus a glass of wine. All meals have genuine rocket (rucola), grown in the countryside surrounding the city, as part of the dish.

When: Usually beginning of May
Where: Piazza Lecce, Piazzetta Del Vecchio and Vico Granata


Sagra del bufalo

Gastronomic interpretations of the buffalo meat with tastings and exibitions.

When: Usually towards the end of October
Where: Lucera historic centre


Sagra del mosto cotto

Show and tasting of sweets and delicacies made from one of the most commonly used sweetener in this season, produced by boiling the wort taken from wineries during the harvest. 'Cicce-cutte', 'Crustele', 'Pupurate', 'Panzerottini' and many other specialties.

When: Usually the end of November
Where: Lucera historic centre
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Monteleone di Puglia

Monteleone di Puglia, Puglia


Sagra del caciocavallo

Caciocavallo is a type of cheese tied to a rope. During this festival you can taste it and learn the ancient techniques of its production.

When: Mid August
Where: Monteleone city centre


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Gargano coast, Puglia

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Trani, Puglia

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