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Gravina, Puglia


International Gathering of Historical Parades

Gathering of more than twenty-five groups of historical parades in cooperation with the Union of European Historical Reenactment.
For details go to www.gravinalife.it

When: Usually held on September
Where: Gravina historic centre

Other interesting things to do in Altamura

Visit the caves

Altamura is located next to one of the largest doline in Italy. Its steeps walls are full of natural caves which were already inhabited in pro-historic times. Its has a diameter of 500 metres and it is 90 metres deep. The bottom of the ravine, protected from the wind, is covered by various types of plants and ravens nests in its walls.


Altamura, Puglia


Federicus festival

On the way back from the sixth Crusade, Frederick II stopped on the Murgia hills and, fascinated by the beauty of the area, decided to build, in 1232, a Cathedral around which he united the people living in small villages in the area. After centuries the heirs of those people pay homage to the emperor with the Federicus festival. A festival animated by a crowd of flag-waving, tamburrini, jugglers, street artists and jesters.

When: Beginning of May
Where: Altamura Historic centre

Other interesting thinfs to do in Gravina

Visit the rock-church of S. Michele

The rock-church of S. Michele, located in the heart of the gravine, is one of the largest underground churches in Puglia and entirely dug in the rock. It has five naves divided by pillars with some preserved ancient frescoes and, in one apse, a painted stone statue of Saint Michael. There is also a bone-cemetery connected to the crypt that houses the remains of the victims of the 983 Saracen massacre.


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Gravina tourist info

Via Matteotti, 17
+39 080 3269065

Altamura tourist info

Piazza Repubblica,10-11
+39 080 3143930


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