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Lecce, Puglia


Open courtyards

During this popular event most of the beautiful courtyards, which are scattered around the old town of Lecce, are exceptionally open to the public.

When: Usually the end of May
Where: Lecce historic centre


European Film Festival

One week film festival. The Ulivo d'Oro prize is awarded to international film makers and actors in the course of the closing day ceremony.

When: Mid April
Where: Lecce

White night

Lecce is open all night. You can visit museums, listen to concerts, go to art exhibitions and more.

When: Usually mid of April
Where: Many different places in the centre of Lecce


Feast of Patron Saints Oronzo, Giusto and Fortunato

The festivity of the Patron Saints of Lecce, Oronzo Giusto and Fortunato, is a three day celebration with a series of religious and popular events.

Where: Piazza Duomo, Lecce, Puglia


Puglia Open Days Winter

In many towns in Puglia, including Lecce, many important monuments are exceptionally open to the public, with guided tours, exhibitions and free activities.

When: Every weekends from November to January
Where: Lecce city centre


Fiera e mercato dei pupi

An exhibition of figures representing nativity characters made of clay or papier-mâché.

Where: Lecce, Puglia
Find out more about Lecce here


Novoli, Puglia


La Focara of Sant'Antonio Abate

La 'focara' is a bonfire that is lit to celebrate Saint Antonio Abate. Food and drinks all around the bonfire until it dies out. At the end everyone takes a handful of ashes home for good luck.

Where: Novoli, Puglia


Galatina, Puglia


Tarantola dance

The tarantula seems to be native of Galatina town, in fact, the day of St. Peter and Paul, the 'tarantate' went in the Galatina church to dance and "exorcise" the tarantula that had bitten them. After wild dancing, harassed and helpless, they healed themselves. The belief tells that while consuming their energy in the dance, also the tarantula is consumed and suffer until being destroyed. Processions and tarantella dances on this day.

Where: Galatina, Puglia

Other interesting things to do in Galatina

Visit the Church of S. Caterina d'Alessandria

It is one of the most amazing examples of Gothic architecture in Salento, built between 1384 and 1391. Inside there are beautiful frescoes illustrating scenes and portraits of a variety of Saints, the life of the Virgin and the life of Saint Catherine. The façade has finely carved portals where the central one is surmounted by a rose window.


Copertino, Puglia


Feast of San Giuseppe

A feast dedicated to the Patron Saint of the town.
For more info go to www.comune.copertino.le.it

When: Usually the second week of September
Where: Copertino historic centre

Other interesting things to do in Copertino

Visit the castle

The well preserved castle is made up of trapezoidal bastions with speared bulwarks. The portal, in soft Lecce stone, is richly decorated in the Renaissance style. It belonged, in the XIV century, to the Counts d'Enghein and, in 1498, to the Albanian Castriota family who modified it to comply with the wishes of Alfonso Castriota.


Leverano, Puglia


Feast of the new wine (novello)

Exhibitions, street artists, original choreography, music and local products along with the leader of the event: the 'novello'.
For detials and info go to www.novelloinfesta.it

When: Usually in November
Where: Leverano city centre


Melendugno, Puglia


Sagra te lu purpu

The Octopus Festival is dedicated to tasting all kinds of recipes with octopus, such as the delicious 'octopus salad', the deep-fried 'Octopus meatballs' and many more. Also live music during the whole event.

When: Beginning of August
Where: Melendugno city centre


Visit the dolmens

Melendugno is a famous place for Dolmens. In its vicinity there is the Placa, one kilometre along the road for Calimera, and the Gargulante, 3 kilometres in the direction of Masseria Zappa.

Carpignano Salentino

Carpignano Salentino, Puglia


Festa te lu Mieru

Three days dedicated to the wine (lu mieru) and food, with shows, live music and folk dances.

When: Usually at the beginning of September
Where: Carpignano city centre

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Gallipoli, Puglia

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