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Events in Otranto, Melpignano, Maglie, Poggiardo


Otranto,  Lecce - Puglia


Sagra di San Pietro e Paolo

Tasting of delicious local food together with colourful shows of Salento folklore.

Where: Via San Pietro, Otranto, Puglia


Jazz Festival

Every year, Otranto Castle hosts three days of jazz concerts with many famous national and international jazz players.

When: Usually the third week of July
Where: Otranto centre


Feast of the Martiri Idruntini

Event organised to commemorate the 800 martyrs who died at the hands of the Turks in 1480 for refusing to convert to Islam. Final day with fireworks display.

Where: Via Basilica, Otranto, Puglia
Find out more about Otranto here


Melpignano, Lecce - Puglia


Taranta music night

Taranta music night is Italy's biggest music festival and one of Europe's most important events dedicated to traditional music and its fusion with other types of music, from world music to rock, from jazz to classical music.
For details in info go to www.lanottedellataranta.it

When: Usually around mid August
Where: Melpignano centre


Maglie,  Lecce - Puglia


Bells fair

Stalls displaying the symbols of this feast, bells made of terracotta, along with whistles of various shapes.

When: Friday before Palm Sunday
Where: Piazza Aldo Moro


Mercatino del gusto

Market of typical products of Salento laid out in the squares and streets of the city. Also workshops, in-depth meetings, book presentations and film screenings.

When: Usually beginning of August
Where: Maglie centre town


Visit the Civic Museum

The Civic Museum of Palaeontology and Paleo-ethnology of Maglie houses many pre-historic remains, bones of the Neanderthal and the Sapiens sapiens man, pottery and stone items manufactured by the first Neolithic farmers and subsequent races that inhabited the area.


Poggiardo, Puglia


Mestieri e Sapori antichi nel Borgo

Food tasting, antiques, crafts, exhibits, wine, music, theatre, children's attractions, barter market and street entertainments.

When: End of July - beginning of August
Where: Piazza Umberto I

Other interesting things to do in Poggiardo

Visit the cripts

A number of settlement from the Byzantine period can be found in the countryside of Poggiardo. Fragments of a beautiful frescoes found in the Crypt of Saint Maria are housed in the Crypt Museum in Villa Episcopo.


Cannole Lecce - Puglia


Festa della Municeddha

Four evenings of authentic folk festival with food stands to taste the traditional flavours of Salento cuisine and, of course, the main dish, the "Municedda", prepared in various ways.
For details and info go to festadellamuniceddha.it

Where: Cannole, Puglia

Corigliano d'Otranto

Corigliano d'Otranto, Lecce - Puglia


Truffle Food Festival

Food stands inside the historical centre of the town to celebrate the truffle in the Salento area.

When: End of May and beginning of July
Where: Corigliano centre

Other interesting things to do in Corigliano d'Otranto

Visit the castle (images above)

The castle of Corigliano d'Otranto was built at the beginning of the XVI century. It is reinforced by massive round towers at each of its corners and has a beautiful front which dates back to 1667.


Scorrano,  Lecce - Puglia


Feast of Santa Domenica

The local artisans create large wooden structures and arches dotted with a kaleidoscope of colourful lights. Also fireworks on the last night.

Where: Piazza Vittoro Emanuele, Scorrano, Puglia


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