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Events in Santa Maria di Leuca, Tricase, Specchia, Ugento and nearby

Santa Maria di Leuca

Santa Maria di Leuca, Puglia


Festa della Madonna di Leuca

Every year, the patron saint statue of Madonna of Leuca is carried through the streets in a great procession. The parade is then followed, at midnight, by fireworks.

Where: Via C. Colombo, Santa Maria di Leuca, Puglia

Festival of the fish

Tasting of some typical dishes of the local cuisine, such as pasta with seafood, pittole fish, fried food and sweets from Salento.

When: Usually the third week of August
Where: Santa Maria di Leuca city centre


Tricase, Puglia


Feast Macaria Cistareddha

Food feast where most of the dishes are made of legumes and vegetables but also homemade pasta, pittule, and much more.

When: Usually 8 of August
Where: Tricase centre


Specchia, Puglia


Animated Crib

Christmas live scene inside the charming street of the ancient town of Specchia.

Where: Piazza del Popolo, Specchia, Puglia


Ugento, Puglia


Festival of Saint Antonio

Cattle fair, sweets and local produce along the street of the town.

Where: Via Cavour, Ugento, Puglia


Festival of the 'Puccia'

Puccia is a typical Salento bread served with different fillings or eaten as it is. Food stalls and live music concerts.

When: Usually in July
Where: Ugento city centre


Sagra te li 'ciceri e tria'

This traditional dish of Puglia, Ciceri e tria, is made with chickpeas and 'tria', which is a type of handmade pasta, half boiled and half fried. The two things are mixed together to form a tasty dish.

When: Beginning of August
Where: Ugento historic centre

Festa della Madonna dell'Aiuto

Procession at sea, musical events, live concerts and fireworks display.

When: August
Where: Village of Torre San Giovanni near Ugento


Festival and fair of SS. Medici

Mass and procession. Band concerts and folk performances.

Where: Via Cavour, Ugento, Puglia

Other interesting things to do in Ugento

Visit the Archaelogy Museum and the Palazzo Colosso

The Archaeology Museum, in the Town Hall, and the Palazzo Colosso house collections of ceramics, coins, bronzes and objects of Greek and Roman origin.


Tiggiano, Puglia


Sagra delle quattro pignate

Festival dedicated to the four legumes: beans, chick peas, broad beans and lentils cooked by the fire in the 'pignate', small earthenware container, and accompanied by vegetables, particularly turnips, chicory, zucchini, cauliflower, green beans.

When: Usually second week of August
Where: Tiggiano centre


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Santa M. di Leuca info office

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Tricase info office

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Specchia info office

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Ugento info office

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