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Taranto, Puglia


Festival of Patron Saint Cataldo

Procession taking place in the canal of the city's historical centre. The procession combines both religious moments, with the silver statue of San Cataldo carried from the Cathedral along the canal, and joyful celebrations including a rowing competition and fireworks display.

Where: Via Duomo, Taranto, Puglia

Palio di Taranto

The Palio is a sports competition with ten crews of two rowers representing the ten historic city neighbourhoods. The Palio is divided into two rounds, the first on 8th of May, the day when the celebrations of the city's patron saint San Cataldo are open, the second and decisive in June. The crews have to cover the entire circumnavigation of the ancient village rowing standing, as in Venice, with their handcrafted wooden boats.

Where: Taranto, Puglia
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Mottola, Puglia


Mottola A.D 1102

This religious and historical reenactment revolves around the Patron Saint of Mottola, St. Thomas Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury, who was killed in his cathedral on 29th of December.

Where: Via Giuseppe Mazzini, Mottola, Puglia

Other interesting things you can do in Mottola

Visit the rock-churches

Around Mottola there are some interesting rock-churches that you should visit. Sant'Angelo in Casalrotto is on two floors decorated by Byzantine frescoes. The San Nicola houses frescoes from various epochs. Santa Margherita contains interesting decorations. Along the Prestuccio Ravine there is large number of grottoes interspersed between churches and a monastery.


Castellaneta, Puglia


Sagra da Far'nèdd e dei Sapori di Puglia

This feast is rightly considered the largest in Italy with its 2.5 km route in the heart of the historic centre of Castellaneta. Tasting of typical local delicacies along with "far'nèdd", flour made by grinding together chickpeas and barley.

When: Usually the second week of August
Where: Castellaneta city centre

San Marzano di San Giuseppe

San Marzano di San Giuseppe, Puglia


The cult of San Giuseppe

A ritual procession of firewood, which takes place on the 18th of March. The entire population gather wood that will carry with towing and tractors. On the 19th of May, tables, called 'mattre', are set up with the best dishes of the local tradition.

Where: Piazza Milite Ignoto, San Marzano, Puglia

Other interesting things you can do in Castellaneta

See the veiw

The ancient town of Castellaneta stands on the edges of its ravine, which is 145 metres deep and 350 metres wide. It is one of the most magnificent ravines of Puglia formed by the water descending from the Murgia. The position of the town is quite spectacular: its seems as if at any moment its houses will collapse into the ravine.


Ginosa, Puglia


The Passion Christi

The Pro Loco Ginosa stages the Passion Christi. An acting of the twenty-two biblical scenes that tell the story of Jesus, beginning with the Annunciation, Birth, through the temptations and beatifications to the entrance to Jerusalem and the Last Supper, and concludes with the crucifixion and resurrection.

When: Palm Sunday and Saturday before Easter
Where: Piazza Marconi - Ginosa

Other interesting things you can do in Ginosa

Visit the castle

The beautiful XVI century castle is located on the top of a hill and overlooking the ravine. It was built in 1080 by Roberto Il Guiscardo to defend the city from the invasions of Saracens and it can be reached by a high bridge.


Palagianello, Puglia


International Folk festival

The international folk festival displays ancient traditions which have shaped modern Puglia. Groups from all over the world perform together.

When: Usually end of July
Where: Palagianello city centre


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