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Events in Trani, Andria and Barletta


Trani, Puglia


Trani International Festival: fooding

Four days dedicated to the typical food of Puglia in collaboration with restaurateurs and in partnership with the major food companies.

When: Second week of September
Where: Trani historic centre

Medieval week

A Medieval week dedicated to the ancient Order of the Templars. In the ancient town shows with music, dancing, rhyming poems and fire games; also a recalling of the marriage of King Manfred with his beloved Elena Comnenus.

When: Usually second week of August
Where: Trani historic centre


Patron saint feast of San Nicola Pellegrino

Procession, concerts and fireworks to celebrate the patron saint of the town, San Nicola Pellegrino.

Where: Piazza Duomo, Trani, Puglia
Find out more about Trani here


Andria, Puglia


Festival of the patron saints

Mass, procession, music concerts and final works deicated to the saints of the town.

Where: Piazza Duomo, Andria, Puglia

Tartufando - Degustazioni Intrecciate

Event dedicated to the two varieties of truffles, the 'bianchetto' and 'scorzone nero', that can be found in the area of Alta Murgia, with tastings and music concerts.

When: Usually last Sunday of September
Where: Piazza Duomo


Barletta, Puglia


The Challenge of Barletta

Recreation of the 'Disfida' Challenge. The Challenge of Barletta was a mounted tourney fought between 13 Italians and 13 French. It happened after a French knight, Charles de la Motte, made disparaging remarks about the Italians. The Italian knights won the battle, and the French had to pay a ransom. Barletta has since acquired the appellation Città della Disfida (City of the Challenge).

Where: Barletta, Puglia


FAI Spring Days in Puglia

Historic event organised by the Italian Environment Fund. Open for everyone to see churches, houses, villages, palaces, archaeological sites, castles, gardens, TV studios, even barracks, music archives and military schools.
For more info go to www.giornatefai.it

When: Mid March
Where: Barletta historic centre

Andria, Barletta, Corato, Trani, Bisceglie, Minervino Murge, Canosa di Puglia

Canosa di Puglia, Puglia


Mid summer dreams

A series of events organised by the 'La Strada dell'Olio Extravergine Castel del Monte' to promote the locally produced extra virgin olive oil, typical food, crafts and general culture of the area. Also live music concerts.
For more info go to www.stradaoliocasteldelmonte.it

When: Usually form 10 to 30 August
Where: Different places around the above towns

Andria, Trani, Bisceglie and Corato

Barletta, Puglia

Open olive oil mills

This event sees the extraordinary opening of the mills and farms with the aim of showing all stages involved in the transformation into extra virgin olive oil of the typical 'coratina' olive. Throughout the day it is possible to visit the facilities and taste the olive oil, alone or in combination with other local products.

When: Usually mid December
Where: Historic centres of above towns


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