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Events in the Garagano

Monte Sant'Angelo

Monte Sant'Angelo, Puglia


Feast of Monte Sant'Angelo

Music performances, shows, dances, cabaret and, of course, religious events.

When: End of September
Where: Monte Sant'Angelo centre

Rodi Garganico

Rodi Garganico, Puglia


Orange festival

A pleasant journey through the citrus groves of the north of the Gargano tasting jams and liqueurs of unique flavour.

When: Beginning of May
Where: Rodi Gargano centre

Rodi Garganico

See the coastline

Rodi Garganico is a charming sea-side town with a lovely coast scattered with coves and beaches. Some of the best known seaside resorts are Ischitella, San Menaio, Torre Mileto and Baia di Santa Barbara.

Vico del Gargano

Vico del Gargano, Puglia


Feast of Saint Valentine

The statue of the saint is carried in procession covered with oranges and orange blossoms. The locally produced citrus fruits are the typical element of the festival.

Where: Vico del Gargano, Puglia

Foresta Umbra

Foresta Umbra, Puglia


Umbra Forest Folk Festival

Umbra Forest Folk Festival is an event that aims to promote the ethnic folk culture of the Gargano but it is also a meeting place for people of the world who see the environment as a work of art.

When: Usually in July
Where: Foresta Umbra

Other things you can do in the Foresta Umbra

Visit the park

The forested area of the Gargano, the Foresta Umbra, extends for 11.000 hectares and includes the woods of Sfilze and Ginestra. The vegetation is mainly Mediterranean with tall beech and oak trees, Aleppo pines, rich undergrowth and fauna, also a deer reserve and some natural and artificial lakes. Amenities available: sports facilities, the 'Foresta Umbra' centre and the State Forest Bureau.

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Monte Sant'Angelo

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