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Laghi Alimini protected oasis

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The Laghi Alimini protected oasis, located north of the town of Otranto, consists of two lakes: Alimini Grande and Alimini Piccolo.

Alimini Grande, is a lake fed by the sea and surrounded by a rocky area covered with pine woods and Mediterranean vegetation. The depth of this lake does not exceed 4 metres and the water is rich in shellfish.

Alimini Piccolo, located further inland, consists of fresh water and is fed from the groundwater channel of Rio Grande. Its depth does not exceed half a metre.

Both lakes are surrounded by lush vegetation with the presence of marsh orchids, water chestnuts, bladderwort and carnivorous plants.

It is a place for many migratory birds such as white storks, flamingos, wild geese and swans. Also moorhens, mallards, hawks, peregrine falcons, imperial eagles and owls.

Among the mammals squirrels, dormice, octopus, wild rabbits and porcupines. Very common are also badgers, weasels, martens, skunks, hedgehogs, ferrets and big boars.


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