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Marine protected area of Porto Cesareo

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The Marine protected area of Porto Cesareo is a reserve that stretches from Punta Prosciutto to Torre Inserraglio, for a length of approximately 7 km of coastline with sandy bays, reefs and shallow basins.

Part of the protected area is also the Isola Grande, also called Isola dei Conigli, which is about half a km from the coast and covered with pines, cypress and acacia trees.

The coastline of the reserve includes beaches with coastal dunes, rocky cliffs, flat limestone, rocks and islets.

The marine reserve has a characteristic sub-tropical environment with the presence of animals typical of warm seas and it is divided into three parts:

Zone A is a full protected area. Here, is prohibited any kind of activities, except for scientific research.

Zone B is a general reservation area. It is allowed professional fishing with selective gear, but only with a permission. Bathing and diving are allowed in respect of the protection of the natural environment.

Zone C is a partial reserve area. This area is open to all activities allowed in Zone B, with the exception of fishing.

The wildlife that can be seen in the territory includes the heron, the Cavaliere d'Italia and the egret. Plants includes myrtle, thyme, juniper trees.


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