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Natural park Litorale di Punta Pizzo and Isola di Sant'Andrea

The park


The Regional natural park of Punta Pizzo and Isola di Sant'Andrea is located south of Gallipoli, in the province of Lecce. It also includes the localities of Li Foggi, Punta della Suina and Torre del Pizzo.

The coastline of this park is characterized by a thick pine forest, Mediterranean steppes and humid environments. The Isola di Sant'Andrea has a flat surface with low rocky shores.

The flora in the park is characterized by a large presence of Mediterranean vegetation, with gorse, myrtle, prickly asparagus, strawberry trees. There are also rare leguminous shrubs and orchids.

You can visit the park along a number of predefined routes, either on foot, by bike or on horseback, that lead to the discovery of several natural ecosystems, each with its own particular characteristic.


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Path beaches and dunes

This path starts from the northern part of the park and ends at a beach with sandy dunes.

Path Punta Pizzo area

This itinerary goes towards the southern part of the park, especially the area of Punta Pizzo, an area rich in Mediterranean vegetation.

Path in the woods

This is an itinerary that takes in the heart of the park where you can walk though the Aleppo pine forest, watch and hear the birds.

Path vineyards and green fields

This is a walk through wild ancient vineyards and green fields to discover the typical plants and herbs of the area.

Path of the farmlands

This route goes through farmlands cultivated with vegetables.

Path of the wetland

This path goes through a pine forest to get to a swampy area inhabited by reptiles.

Sensory path for blind and visually impaired people

This is a special route for visually impaired and blind people. Along the path there are cable-guides and information tables are provided both in large print, for the visually impaired, and 'Braille', for the blind.


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