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Oasis of Lago Salso

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The oasis of Lago Salso is a coastal wetland area located south of the Gargano national park, of which it is part.

It is a protected wetland with brackish lakes surrounded by reeds and home to many species of birds. Among these ducks, coots, reed warblers, pendulums, peregrines and marsh falcons. Also herons and white storks.

Inside the oasis there are several walking, bike or horseback paths that can be used to discover the area. There are also guided tours for bird-watching. Bikes and binoculars can be hired at the visitor centre.

The Oasis of Lago Salso is part of the Gargano national park.


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We don't know of any itineraries organised in this nature reserve. If you know of any itineraries/escursions organised by this park then let us know the details and we will be glad to list them.


Info centre Oasis of Lago Salso

  • SP 141 Delle Saline km 7,200
    71043 Manfredonia - Foggia

Website: www.oasilagosalso.it