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Regional nature reserve of Bosco di Cerano

The park


The Regional nature reserve of Bosco di Cerano is located between the towns of Brindisi and San Pietro Vernotico along the Canale Li Siedi.

Bosco di Cerano is a wood area with oak, elm and hornbeam trees and typical Mediterranean vegetation.

Wild animals that can be found in the area are small rodents such as the badger.

There are also various nesting bird species such as the goldfinch, finch, the nightingale, the carpinera and, in spring, the white stork.


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We don't know of any itineraries organised in this nature reserve. If you know of any itineraries/escursions organised by this park then let us know the details and we will be glad to list them.


Info centre Regional nature reserve of Bosco di Cerano

  • Piazza S. Teresa, 2
    72100 Brindisi (BR)

Telephone: +39 0831 565 713
Email: ecologia@provincia.brindisi.it