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Terra delle Gravine natural park

Terra delle Gravine natural park

The park


The Regional natural park of Terra delle Gravine, located in the south of the Murge, is the third largest park in Puglia after the Gargano and the Alta Murgia parks.

It is an area with beautiful trees such as fragno, ilex, roach, hornbeam, black and southern ash. There are also steppes, olive trees, Mediterranean vegetation and wetlands.

The main feature of the park are the ravines, formed about 125,000 years ago. Here, there are rocky areas, forests, meadows, marshes, wetlands, ancient gardens, abandoned gardens and waterfalls.

The wild animals found in this park include hares, foxes, hedgehogs, deer, wild boars, buzzards and long-eared owls, barn owls, owls. Among the reptiles, the Cervone snake, the adder, the grass snake, the country lizard.

On the bottom of the ravine there are ponds with species like the green frog, the trifone italico, the yellow-bellied toad, typical of the ravines of southern Italy, and the newt.


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Gran tour

A very long walking excursion (up to 30 km per day) during which you can immerse yourself in the typical landscape of the park and appreciate its diversity. A trip, as defined by the organizers, as it once was: a tool for knowledge but also an opportunity for self growth.

Small tour

A set of routes with overnight stay to discover the different areas and places of park such as medieval churches and masserie, caves and archaeological sites.


Info centre Terra delle Gravine natural park

  • Parco Naturale Regionale Terra delle Gravine
    Via Lago di Bolsena, 2
    74121 TARANTO

Website: parcodellegravine.provincia.ta.it