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PAT - Traditional Agricultural Food Product





The Prodotto Agroalimentare Tradizioanle (Traditional Agricultural Food Product) brand indicates a specific product of a territory tied to the traditional local production.

PAT products are, therefore, closely linked to tradition, land, raw materials and production techniques.

PAT food products are characterized by processing methods, preservation and seasoning strengthened in a given territory, according to traditional rules and for a period of at least 25 years.

Products that already have the DOP or IGP trademark of origin can not have the PAT label.

Among the products that can get the PAT label:

Drinks, spirits and liqueurs
Unprocessed and natural plant products
Fresh pasta
Bakery confectionery and pastry products
Preparation of seafood and fish

Products with PAT denomination

Albicocca di Galàtone - (Fruit)

Allorino of Puglia - (Liqueurs)

Almond of Toritto - (Fruit)

Amaro del Gargano - (Liqueurs)

Ambrosia of lemons - (Liqueurs)

Ambrosia of oranges - (Liqueurs)

Arancino di Rodi Garganico - (Liqueurs)

Arancio Dolce del Golfo di Taranto - (Fruit)

Artichokes in olive oil - (Preserved food)

Asparagus in olive oil - (Preserved food)

Aubergines in olive oil - (Preserved food)

Barattiere - (Fruit)

Batata of agro leccese - (Vegetables)

Beans of the Southern Daunia Mountains - (Vegetables)

Bombette - (Meat)

Bread of Ascoli Satriano - (Bread)

Bread of Laterza - (Bread)

Bread of Monte Sant'Angelo - (Bread)

Bread of Santeramo in Colle - (Bread)

Burrata - (Cheese)

Cacio of the Gargano - (Cheese)

Caciocavallo - (Cheese)

Caciocavallo podolico Dauno - (Cheese)

Cacioricotta - (Cheese)

Cacioricotta caprino orsarese - (Cheese)

Capers in vinegar - (Preserved food)

Capers of the Gargano - (Vegetables)

Capocollo of Martina Franca - (Meat)

Caprino pugliese - (Cheese)

Carne arrosto di Laterza - (Meat)

Carne Podolica - (Meat)

Carrot of Polignano - (Vegetables)

Carrot of Zapponeta - (Vegetables)

Caruselle in vinegar - (Preserved food)

Cavatelli - (Pasta)

Cervellata di Toritto - (Meat)

Ciliegia Ferrovia di Turi - (Fruit)

Coffee liqueur - (Liqueurs)

Courgettes in olive oil - (Preserved food)

Fallone di Gravina - (Cheese)

Farinella di Putignano - (Vegetables)

Fava di Carpino - (Vegetables)

Fava di Zollino - (Vegetables)

Fegatini di Laterza - (Meat)

Figs jam - (Jams)

Finocchio marino - (Vegetables)

Fiordilatte - (Cheese)

Fiorone di Torre Canne - (Fruit)

Friselle made with barley or wheat flour - (Bread)

Giuncata - (Cheese)

Grape and quince jam - (Jams)

Grape jam - (Jams)

Lagane - (Pasta)

Lampascioni - (Vegetables)

Lampascioni in olive oil - (Preserved food)

Lardo di Faeto - (Meat)

Lasagne arrotolate - (Pasta)

Latte di mandorla - (Liqueurs)

Lemon liqueur - (Liqueurs)

Liquore di mirto - (Liqueurs)

Mandarin liqueur - (Liqueurs)

Manteca - (Cheese)

Mela Limoncella dei Monti Dauni Meridionali - (Fruit)

Meloncella - (Vegetables)

Mirinello di Torremaggiore - (Liqueurs)

Muschiska - (Meat)

Onion of Acquaviva delle Fonti - (Vegetables)

Onion of Zapponeta - (Vegetables)

Orange and lemon jam - (Jams)

Orecchiette - (Pasta)

Padre Peppe elisir di noce - (Liqueurs)

Pallone di Gravina - (Cheese)

Pancetta arrotolata di Martina Franca - (Meat)

Pasta di grano arso - (Pasta)

Pecorino di Maglie - (Cheese)

Pecorino foggiano - (Cheese)

Pecorino of the Appennino Dauno - (Cheese)

Peppers in olive oil - (Preserved food)

Pickled olives - (Preserved food)

Pisello riccio di Sannicola - (Vegetables)

Pitilla - (Bread)

Pizza di grano d'India - (Bread)

Pizza sfoglia - (Bread)

Pizzelle - (Bread)

Pomegranate liqueur - (Liqueurs)

Pomodori Regina of Torre Canne - (Vegetables)

Pomodoro da serbo giallo - (Vegetables)

Pomodoro Fiaschetto - (Vegetables)

Potato of Zapponeta - (Vegetables)

Prickly pear liqueur - (Liqueurs)

Prosciutto di Faeto - (Meat)

Puccia of Salento - (Bread)

Purple carrot of Tiggiano - (Vegetables)

Pzzntell - (Meat)

Quince jam - (Jams)

Ricotta - (Cheese)

Ricotta forte - (Cheese)

Ricotta marzotica leccese - (Cheese)

Ricotta salata - (Cheese)

Salicornia in olive oil - (Preserved food)

Salsiccia a punta di coltello dell'Alta Murgia - (Meat)

Salsiccia alla salentina - (Meat)

Salsiccia dell'Appennino Dauno - (Meat)

Salsicciotti di Laterza - (Meat)

Salted capers - (Preserved food)

Samphire in vinegar - (Preserved food)

Scaldatelli - (Taralli)

Scamorza - (Cheese)

Scamorza di pecora - (Cheese)

Scannatedda - (Bread)

Semola battuta - (Pasta)

Soppressata dell'Appennino Dauno - (Meat)

Soppressata di Martina Franca - (Meat)

Spicy peppers preserve - (Preserved food)

Stracciatella Pugliese - (Cheese)

Sun dried aubergines - (Preserved food)

Sun dried courgettes - (Vegetables)

Sun dried green tomatoes in olive oil - (Preserved food)

Sun dried peppers - (Preserved food)

Sun dried red tomatoes in olive oil - (Preserved food)

Sun dried tomatoes - (Preserved food)

Sun dried wild mushrooms - (Preserved food)

Taralli neri with vincotto - (Taralli)

Taralli pugliesi - (Taralli)

Tocchetto di Lucera - (Meat)

Tomato sauce - (Preserved food)

Torcinelli - (Meat)

Troccoli - (Pasta)

Uliata - (Bread)

Uva da tavola - (Fruit)

Vaccino - (Cheese)

Vincotto - (Liqueurs)

Wild Mushrooms in olive oil - (Preserved food)

Zampina di Sammichele di Bari - (Meat)