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The 7 most beautiful beaches of Puglia

All along the coast of Puglia there are many beautiful beaches of particular interest. On the Gargano promontory, north of Puglia, beaches are often enclosed inside large coves surrounded by high cliffs, some of which are accessible only by sea. In the south of the Adriatic part of Puglia there are two kinds of beaches: some are long with sandy dunes covered with Mediterranean vegetation, others are located beside enchanting inlets surrounded by low cliffs. The part of the coast that faces the Ionian Sea is primarily defined by long beaches with vast pine forests inland, although some long rocky stretches can still be seen.

Here are 7 of the most beautiful beaches of Puglia from the Ionian coast, on the east side, to the Adriatic coast, on the west.

The 6 best and most interesting towns of Puglia

Puglia is a region rich in art, culture and history. From north to south, almost every town can boast the presence of an ancient church, a castle, or a number of prehistoric remains. Many of the historical towns of Puglia were founded in the Middle Ages, although some date back to the Messapian period, the 8th century BC, or to the period of the Roman rule.

A common feature of the Apulian towns, whether they are situated along the coast or inland, is the presence of protective walls, charming narrow streets, little squares, palaces and churches. Another important feature of many cities of Puglia, particularly in the Salento area, the southern part of Puglia, is the presence of palaces and churches in baroque style. Here, this form of art has reached high levels of creativity thanks to the so-called 'pietra leccese', a particularly malleable stone, easy to carve to create works of art.

Here are the 6 best and most interesting towns of Puglia.

The 7 most interesting and must see parks in Puglia

Puglia is a region with many nature protected areas of particular interest. Some of these are located on hills such as the Park of Gargano and that of the Alta Murgia, the two largest in the region. Others are located along the coast, particularly in the wetland expanses of the region, home and nesting places of various migratory birds. These include the two WWF protected areas of Torre Guaceto, near Brindisi, and Le Cesine, near the town of Lecce. Many of the protected areas offer services and organized excursions.

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