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The territory of Altamura was already inhabited during the Bronze and Iron ages. The numerous 'Specchie' found in the area indicate the presence of tombs that can be dated from the VIII century BC onwards.

The medieval historic centre of Altamura was built by Frederick II on an elliptical plan where its central axis stretches east and west following the line of the ancient Megalithic walls built by the Peucitii.

Altamura was held in fee by various lords and, from the 1748 to 1799, it was the seat of a Universitas Studiorum.

The Cathedral of Altamura is dedicated to Our Lady of the Assumption and was built by Frederick II between 1228 and 1232, but rebuilt after the earthquake of the 1316. Its facade has a beautiful portal with above it an elaborated rose window.

Other points of interest are the Church of San Niccolo' dei Greci, and the Sant'Angelo delle Grotte rock church, with frescoes dating back to the XIV century.

An interesting place located outside Altamura is the Pulo, one of the largest doline complex in Italy. Its walls with natural caves were inhabited in proto-historic times.



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