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The origins of Bitonto go back to the time of the Peucitii, while the town flourished in the IV century BC. From the XI to the XIV centuries it was a free town but later owned by various noble families.

Bitonto has a beautiful historic centre built on a trapezoidal plan with a number of Renaissance and Baroque buildings such as the XV century Sylos-Labini residence and the Regna residence.

The Cathedral of Bitonto, dedicated to Saint Valentine, is one of the most brilliant examples of Apulian religious buildings. It was built between 1175 and 1200 along the lines of the Basilica of Saint Nicholas in Bari. The facade has a porch and a nicely decorated rose window.

Among other interesting places to see the Abbey of San Leo, the Church of Santa Croce, Torre Cela, San Gregorio, San Demerio and Torre Santa Croce.



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