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Canosa di Puglia



Legend says that Canosa was founded by the mythical Diomedes and it is, most certainly, of Greek origin. I was a rich centre during the Romans rule and an important station along the Trajan Way. The town flourished under the Lombard and the Normans, but it declined with the advent of the Angevin.

Canosa still bears traces of its glorious past like the ruins of the Castle that dominate the town and the Roman ruins: the Temple of Giove Toro, the Lo Muscio baths, the remains of an aqueduct located just outside Canosa.


What to see

The Cathedral

The Cathedral of Canosa, built in 1080 and dedicated to San Sabino, is of Byzantine and Oriental style, typical of the Apulian-Romanesque churches. Inside there are precious sculptures: the Pergamo of Acceptus and the Bishop's throne by Romualdo.

The Tomb of Beomond

Located near the Cathedral stands the tomb of Boemond, a mausoleum with a dome and a fine bronze door.

Lagrasa Hypogei

Inside the historic centre is possible to visit the Lagrasa Hypogei, a classical example of funeral architecture from the IV century BC made up of a series of chambers overlooking a courtyard.

Outside Canosa di Puglia

Interesting monuments to visit outside Canosa are the Roman arch, located on the road to Cerignola; the remains of the Basilica of San Lucio, an early Christian construction of circular shape; the Basilica of Santa Sofia, with a Roman necropolis nearby; and the Roman bridge that crosses over the Ofanto river.


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