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Carovigno is a small town located between Ostuni and Brindisi.

The territory of Carovigno was already inhabited in ancient times, as the remains of the Paleolithic and Neolithic period found in contrada Carisciola and inland of the coastline Mezzaluna have shown.

It is a city of Iapigi origin and an important centre during the Messapian period. It was also dominated by the Byzantines, Lombards, Normans and the Aragonese.

Inside the old town, still surrounded by defensive walls and antique city doors, lies the castle. It is located on the highest part of the hill and has a triangular shape with three differently shaped towers.

The castle of Carovigno is probably of Norman origin, in particular the square tower located near Porta Ostuni. Further extensions of the castle date back to the Aragonese period.



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