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The origins of Laterza go back to the Stone Age, as shown by the number of tools of that period found in the area. Of a later period (2000 BC) tombs have been discovered and relics of the Magna Grecia found near Laterza are now kept in the Museum of Taranto.

The town is located in a balanced position on the edge of one of the largest ravine of Puglia. The ravine is in fact 10 km long, 500 meres wide and 200 metres deep with a landscape made of forests and Mediterranean vegetation.

The castle of Laterza was built in 1393 by the Triggiano family and restructured as a palace by the Marquis D'Azzia in 1518 and later by the Perez-Navarrete family. Statues of the XIV century on its portal and part of the medieval moat can still be seen.

Nearby a visit is recommended to the Abbey of Madonna della Grande (1112), with its beautiful cupola and a sculptured medieval fountain, and to the Mother Church of San Lorenzo with frescoes of the XVI century.



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