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The origins of Maglie go back as far as the Bronze age with the presence of a population that built villages and monuments such as Specchie, Menhirs and Dolmens. Between the XIII and the XIX centuries the town developed around the castle built by the Angevin.

The Mother church of Maglie called Della Collegiata was built on top of two oldest buildings of the XIV and XVI centuries. The facade has a mixtilinear shape of Baroque style. Inside, some interesting Baroque altars can be seen.

The Mother Church bell-tower is 48 metres tall on five floors and built between 1686 and 1690 using the local Pietra Leccese.

Among other churches the Madonna delle Grazie Church, built between 1624 and 1648, of Baroque style with a finely decorate portal and, inside, some interesting frescoes.

The Palaeontology Museum G. Stasi houses important Prehistoric and Protohistoric collections.

The area around the town of Maglie is rich in megalithic stone called Menhirs. One can be seen on the way to Melpignano and another on the road to Muro Leccese.



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