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Racale is a town in Puglia located at about 60 km from Lecce and 6 km form its seaside resort of Torre Suda.

The territory of Racale was already inhabited in ancient times. Remaining of the ancient populations who lived here are the 'Specchie' such as the one named 'Li Specchi'; dolmens, such as the 'Ospina'; Menhirs such as the Paramonte. Also the Messapians, Greeks and Romans lived here.

Interesting churches in Racale are the church of Madre di Santa Maria del Paradiso, the church of Santa Maria la Nova and the church dell'Immacola.

In Racale there is also a nice castle built in the XIV century by the Della Marra family, although this was later transformed in a palace.



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Racale tourist information

+39 0833 589800
Via Polo Marco, Torre Suda



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