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San Marco in Lamis



San Marco in Lamis is located on the Gargano promontory. The town was founded in the XI century near the Monastery of San Matteo, built in the VI century by the Lombard. The monastery was an important Benedictine centre until 1311 when it passed to the Cistercian order. Later, in 1578, if became a Franciscans monastery.

Nearby San Marco in Lamis there is an interesting well, of the 1576, inside the cloister of a monastery located near the Madonna di Stignano sanctuary.

In the area there are various caves that should be seen such as the Grotta Paglicci, located near Rignano Garganico, famous for the remains of Homo Sapiens and other various burial objects recently brought to light.



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Corso Matteotti, 155



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