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Bread of Altamura

Bread of Altamura


DOP - Protected Designation of Origin

Place of Origin

Altamura (Bari)


The bread of Altamura, a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) product, is known throughout the world for its outstanding qualities.

It is made using various types of semolina grown in the territory of the town of Altamura and the surrounding territories of the towns of Gravina di Puglia and Poggiorsini.

This bread differs from other types of bread for its fragrance, its aroma and flavour. It has a thick and crispy crust of at least 3 mm, and a dark yellow and soft crumb.

The recipe has not changed over time as well as its method of cooking in traditional wood-fired stone ovens.


This bread is made with flour of various local grains, such as Apulo, Arcangelo, Duilio and Simeto.

The different kinds of flour are first mixed together, then yeast, water and salt are added.

At this point the dough is kneaded for 20 minutes and allowed to rise for 90 minutes. Later the loafs of bread are prepared and left for 30 minutes. The loafs are then reshaped and allowed to rise for 15 minutes.

The bread is then baked in food-fired stone ovens until dark yellow in colour with a crispy crust.

It is a bread to eat during a meal. Great if eaten in slices with a bit of extra virgin olive oil or with cheeses such as Caciocavallo and buffalo mozzarella.


This bread pairs well with an intense flavoured wine such as the Primitivo di Manduria.