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PAT - Traditional Agricultural Food Product

Place of Origin

Territory south of Bari


Barattiere are a typical product of the south of the province of Bari, in particular of the territories of Monopoli, Polignano a Mare and Alberobello, and the north part of the province of Brindisi, in particular of the territory of the town of Fasano.

Barattiere, whose name seems to come from the word 'barattare' which means 'trade', are a variety of melons, eaten when not mature and still green.

It has a round shape with a green peel that tends to become yellow with age. Inside is crisp, of green colour that tends to become pink with maturation.

Barattiere can have a weight ranging from 200 grams to 1 kilo. It has a high potassium content and a low level of sugar and sodium.


Barattiere are grown in sunny and warm areas and need a lot of water. The cultivation takes place from direct seeding and usually during late summer or early autumn.

The harvesting is done when the fruit is firm, crisp and still green. Each plant can produce a number of fruits from 2 to 10.

It is a fruit to eat raw, fresh and not mature. It goes well with salads and pasta seasoned with sauces.