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Ciliegia Ferrovia di Turi

Ciliegia Ferrovia di Turi


PAT - Traditional Agricultural Food Product

Place of Origin

Turi (Bari)


Ciliegia Ferrovia di Turi is a cherry of Germanic origin. It is believed, in fact, that it was brought to the area by a German soldier during World War II. It was called 'Ferrovia' because the first tree grew at few meters from a train tracks near Turi.

This cherry tree has adapted very well to the territory. In the area of ​​Turi, in fact, the cultivation area of ​​this type of cherry has reached 300 hectares with an annual production of 100 tons.

The cherry of Ferrovia di Turi has a heart shape, a red colour and a firm and sweet inside.


The Ferrovia di Turi cherry has a late ripening, it is in fact harvested in June, not in May as other varieties.

This fruit is able to maintain its quality for several days, allowing its transportation to other countries.

This cherry is a fruit to eat after a meal, but it is also great, for the preparation of tasty jams.

Every year, early June, is held in Turi the Festival della ciliegia.