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Fiorone di Torre Canne

Fiorone di Torre Canne


PAT - Traditional Agricultural Food Product

Place of Origin

Torre Canne (Brindisi)


The area of cultivation of the Fiorone of the type 'Petrelli', includes the territories of Torre Canne, Savelleri and Pozzo Faceto, all located in the province of Brindisi.

It is an area characterized by a warm climate where the land, in which the plants grow, is enriched by the contribution of springs and rivers. These are climatic and environmental conditions ideal for this plant which is able to withstand drought and saline winds.

The Fiorone is an inflorescence of the fig tree that matures in May and June. The variety of the Petrelli fig tree produces fruits on the branches of the previous year and figs on the branches of the current year.

It has a large size with a dark green and thick peel. The pulp is fleshy, sweet and of a reddish colour.


The harvesting period starts in May until late June. It is harvested in the early hours of the morning to avoid tearing the skin when detached from the stalk.

Once collected fruits are placed in wooden boxes separated from each other.

It is a very sweet and delicious fruit that can be eaten by itself, spread on bread, accompanied with nuts or Capocollo di Martina Franca.

Every year in Pezze di Greco is held the "Sagra del Fiorone Festival" where various producers exhibit their fruits.