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Limone Femminiello del Gargano

Limone Femminiello del Gargano


IGP - Protected Geographical Indication

Place of Origin

Gargano (Foggia)


The cultivation of Limone Femminiello del Gargano dates back to the 9th century. Its production is strictly limited to the area known as 'Giardini degli agrumi' – citrus gardens - an area that overlooks the Adriatic sea and includes the territories of the towns of Vico del Gargano, Ischitella and Rodi Garganico. An area with ideal weather conditions for the production of this citrus fruit.

This lemon can be of two varieties: one, called "Lustrino", has a soft and smooth peel, it is yellow in colour and with a juice which accounts for 35% of the fruit; the another, longer than larger, is known as "Fusillo" and has a medium-thick and fairly smooth peel and at least 30% of juice.


This type of lemon does not need special treatments, and fertilizing is still carried out with sheep manure.

The production area is characterized by a mild climate, with average temperatures above 10 degrees for at least eight months a year.

The plants are protected from cold winds coming from the north using wind shields. This can be made of reeds, but also with laurel and oak trees.

The Lemone Femminiello is excellent for the preparation of the Limoncello but also for production of jams or of citrus fruit candy.

A very well known liqueur is the "Limoncello del Gargano".