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Mela Limoncella dei Monti Dauni Meridionali

Mela Limoncella dei Monti Dauni Meridionali


PAT - Traditional Agricultural Food Product

Place of Origin

Monti Dauni Meridionali (Foggia)


Mela Limoncella is a native apple well adapted to the hills of the Southern Mountains of Daunia in Puglia.

It is a fruit of a small size with a greenish yellow peel covered with small specks. Inside is white, crisp, fragrant and tasty.


This type of apple is harvested between September and October and it can be stored for long periods, provided it is kept in cool and dark places.

During storage it can take on a corrugated appearance becoming more aromatic and tasty. The optimum storage time is 6 months.

The Mela Limoncella is particularly sought after for its long life and for its characteristic taste.

It is excellent for the preparation of cakes, but also to use in cakes, boiled or cooked.