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Uva da tavola

Uva da tavola


PAT - Traditional Agricultural Food Product

Place of Origin

Territories of Bari, Taranto and Foggia


Uva da Tavola of Puglia is a high quality table grape appreciated both nationally and internationally.

The climatic conditions of Puglia are ideal for the production of a product that contains a high amount of sugar and a unique aroma.

The white varieties of grapes that are part of the Uva da Tavola of Puglia include Regina, Italia, Victoria, Sublima and Centennial. The black grape varieties include Red Globe, Big Perlon, Michele Palieri. There are also seedless qualities such as Crimson and Superior.

Uva Regina type is the most traditional white variety of Puglia. This is characterized by a large berry, slightly lengthened, a thick skin, a crunchy flesh and a sweet flavour.


The Uva da Tavola production starts in July and lasts until December.

It is a product usually eaten after a meal with a good cheese.