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Grape and quince jam

Grape and quince jam


PAT - Traditional Agricultural Food Product

Place of Origin

Province of Foggia


Grapes and quinces jam is a Traditional Agricultural Food Product (PAT), mainly produced in the province of Foggia.

It is dark in colour and it has a sweet and firm flavour.


The preparation of this jam consists in mixing together 1 kilo of quinces cut into small pieces, 1 kilo of grapes, 500 grams of sugar and some water.

This compound is then cooked until it reaches the desired consistency.

To preserve the jam first some extra virgin olive oil needs to be placed a the bottom of the glass jars. The jar is then filled with the jam and covered with another layer of extra virgin olive oil.

Some vine and laurel leaves are placed on top of the jar which is then closed for storage.

This type of jam is widely used in the preparation of cakes and pies.