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Orange and lemon jam

Orange and lemon jam


PAT - Traditional Agricultural Food Product

Place of Origin

Whole Puglia


Orange and lemon jam is a Traditional Agricultural Food Product (PAT) of Puglia, especially of the Gargano promontory area, where cultivation and production of these fruits is particularly important.

The preparation of this jam occurs during the period of greatest harvest of citrus fruits, when oranges and lemons are tastier and juicier.


For the preparation of the orange and lemons jam the inside of the citrus is first extracted. Then, to one kilo of this compound 300 grams of sugar are added. Next this mixture is cooked adding some water until it reaches an ideal consistency.

When ready the product is transferred in hermetically sealed glass jars, these are boiled in water for about 20 minutes for their sterilization and preservation.

This jam is ideal for the preparation of cakes and as part of a nutritious breakfast.