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Quince jam

Quince jam


PAT - Traditional Agricultural Food Product

Place of Origin

Whole Puglia


Quince jam is a Traditional Agricultural Food Product (PAT), prepared throughout the whole region.

It is a jam dark red in colour made with local quinces. It is prepared in autumn when the fruit is mature at the right point.


For the preparation of the Quince jam he fruits are first cut in thin slices (800 grams).

These are then placed in a pot with half a litre of water and allowed to cook slowly, turning them and squashing from time to time to get a pulp. When ready the compound is passed through a sieve.

This is then mixed with 500 grams of sugar dissolved with water and allowed to cook until it reaches a firm consistency.

When ready the compound is poured on trays and allowed to cool down.

Cotognata is consumed by cutting it in slices. It can be eaten alone as a dessert or as afternoon snack, maybe along with some dry biscuits.