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Allorino of Puglia

Allorino of Puglia


PAT - Traditional Agricultural Food Product

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Allorino is a liqueur made with fresh bay leaves infused in alcohol. It has a distinctive aroma and a transparent green colour.

The bay leaves liqueur seems to have excellent therapeutic capacity: it can help cure rheumatism, cure muscle tear and it is a good digestive.


The preparation of the Allorino consists first in cleaning and washing 40 bay leaves. These are then placed in a hermetically sealed container, covered with half a litre of alcohol and allowed to rest for 40 days.

After 40 days the syrup should be prepared using half litre of water and 500 grams of sugar.

Once syrup is ready and cooled down it is mixed with the alcohol filtered of the bay leaves.

Allorino must rest for 40 days before drinking.

Excellent as a digestive.