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Amaro del Gargano

Amaro del Gargano


PAT - Traditional Agricultural Food Product

Place of Origin



Amaro del Gargano is a digestive of unique and inimitable flavour made with olive leaves, lemon and orange peel.

It is a dense, dark and sweet with a bitter aftertaste.


Collect 99 green olive leaves, 2 lemon peels of the Gargano and 2 peels of orange. Place them in an airtight glass container and cover with 500 ml of alcohol. Allow it to rest for 5 days.

Prepare syrup by combining 440 grams of sugar and 500 ml of water, heat it, and when ready, let it cool down.

Add the syrup to the alcohol from which you would have removed leaves and peels. Add some water and filter.

Allow it to rest for at least 20 days. Store in glass bottles.

Excellent after meals, for the preparation of cocktails and cakes or added to ice cream.