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Salsiccia alla salentina

Salsiccia alla salentina


PAT - Traditional Agricultural Food Product

Place of Origin



Salsiccia alla salentina is a sausage made with sheep and pig meat. It is a product typical of the province of Lecce and a Traditional Agricultural Food Product (PAT) of Puglia.

The uniqueness of this sausage is both in the use of quality meat and in the type of flavouring used, which includes lemon peels and local white wine. The result is a product of a reddish colour, with a fresh taste and a distinctive aroma.

It can be consumed the whole year and is very versatile in the kitchen.


The meat of sheep and pig is first minced and then flavoured with lemon peels, dry white wine, salt and black pepper. In some areas cloves, cinnamon and parsley are also added.

This compound is inserted in guts to make sausages of 7-8 cm. The product is then allowed to dry for about ten days, or a month for a longer seasoning.

The sausage is usually eaten with onions, lampascioni and potatoes.

It is also very good grilled or cooked with olive oil.


Eat this sausages with a nice Negroamaro Terre d'Otranto DOP or with a San Severo Rosso DOP.