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Lagane are a type of fresh pasta similar in shape to tagliatelle, although they are wider (about 4 cm), shorter and, also, a little thicker. They are made using durum wheat flour and water.

The name comes from an ancient Greek product. At that time the word was used to refer to a fresh dough cooked on a hot stone and then cut into pieces.


The preparation of lagane is as follow: mix together 250 grams of flour, water - 2 eggs if you want to make a version with eggs - a bit of extra virgin olive oil and salt.

Once the dough is ready it will need to be roll out and cut into strips, then into small pieces, but not too short or too long.

There are different recipes with Lagane pasta: Lagane with fried breadcrumbs; Lagane with tomato sauce and eel; Lagane with chickpeas.