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Pasta di grano arso

Pasta di grano arso


PAT - Traditional Agricultural Food Product

Place of Origin



The wheat for the production of Pasa di grano arso (burnt wheat pasta) is obtained by roasting durum wheat semolina. The result is a low in gluten semolina with a smoked aroma.

The burned wheat is a typical product of the area of ​​Foggia, born as a food of the poor. In ancient times the farmers, in fact, gave permission to workers to collect the burned spikes of wheat that had fallen on the ground after the harvest and burning of the parts left on the ground. The spikes were then milled to make semolina that was used to produce pasta.


The pasta can be prepared by mixing the burnt flour with the right amount of water and salt.

The dough made with this type of flour tends to fall apart more easily for this reason is ideal only for the preparation of short sized pasta such as orecchiette or cavatelli.

Pasta made with burnt wheat can be seasoned with meat sauce but also with broccoli or turnip tops.

Famous recipes include:" Cavatelli with mussels, shrimp and arugula" and "Cavatelli with cardoncelli mushrooms".