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Sun dried green tomatoes in olive oil

Sun dried green tomatoes in olive oil


PAT - Traditional Agricultural Food Product

Place of Origin

Whole Puglia


The sun dried green tomato preserve is a Traditional Agricultural Food Product (PAT) of Puglia, prepared throughout the whole region.

The preparation of this tomatoes preserve is made in July when they are harvested while still green.

The kind of tomatoes used are those of the variety called 'San Marzano', typical tomato with an elongated shape.


For the preparation of this preserve the green tomatoes must first be washed and then cut lengthwise.

They are then sun dried for 3-4 days, making sure to store them in a cool, dry place overnight.

Once ready they are soaked in vinegar for a few seconds, dried and stored in airtight glass containers covered with extra virgin olive oil.

This tomatoes can be used as a filling for panini or as a starter. They can also be eaten as side dish with meat.