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Taralli pugliesi

Taralli pugliesi


PAT - Traditional Agricultural Food Product

Place of Origin

Whole Puglia


Taralli Pugliesi are a Traditional Agricultural Food Product (PAT) of Puglia. They can be of different size and have different ingredients added to them in addition to flour, wine and extra virgin olive oil.

This taralli are small, very fragrant and low in calories. The cooking method is different from the usual dairy products: they need to be boiled before being cooked in the oven.


Taralli pugliesi are prepared mixing double zero flour with salt, extra virgin olive oil and white wine.

When the dough is ready is cut into small pieces which are stretched to a length of about 15 cm.

These are then closed at the ends to make taralli.

They are then cooked in boiling water and, once dried, baked in the oven.

They are great as a snack, but also as an aperitif or served for a meal together with regular bread.