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Artichoke of Brindisi

Artichoke of Brindisi


IGP - Protected Geographical Indication

Place of Origin



The artichoke of Brindisi is cultivated inside the territories of the towns of Brindisi, Mesagne, San Vito dei Normanni, Carovigno and other smaller towns in province of Brindisi.

This artichoke was already known in the 18th century, when it was renowned for its special qualities. It is in fact a soft, tasty and sweet artichoke with a small amount of fibres.

Its qualities come from the type of land where it grows - a sandy and limestone type soil - and from the climatic characteristics of Brindisi territory - an area with a temperate climate, never too cold thanks to the nearby sea.


Thanks to the unique cultivation techniques developed by local farmers, this artichoke is sold on the market already by the end of October.

The artichoke should be stored in cool and ventilated rooms. It is highly perishable, so the transportation and processing of the product can happen exclusively in the same production area.

Thanks to its characteristics this artichoke can be eaten raw, but it is also excellent in oil.

There are two festivals devoted to this product: one in February, held in the city of Brindisi, and another, in April, held in the heart of the city of Mesagne.